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Founder FAQs

Planning to release a dApp on Planq? Here is what you need to know.

Essential information sources

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TLDR; what do I need to know if I am considering Planq for my dapp?

Planq a leading Ethereum-compatible layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by Leap Wallet, and more than 500 app developers and partners. At Planq, the vision is to create a global community empowered by our mobile-first decentralized permissionless ecosystem, where financial freedom is accessible and transparent for all, not just the wealthy and fortunate.
Dapp.Space can help most dApp creators to enhance the visibility of their products in the Planq ecosystem. Planq is generally not able to promote token or NFT sales. The following support is available to dApp creators:
  • Technical support via Discord and Telegram.
  • Amplification of product launches / feature releases on social media and in the Planq blog.
  • Project listing at and on various partner platforms (PlanqFi DeFi Wallet, Defillama, Dappradar, etc.).
  • Introductions to other dApps, key opinion leaders and project launchpads.
  • Planq Builders Program and Planq Grants Program (usually for projects who have already started to achieve initial user traction on Planq).

FAQs - ecosystem

How can I get my project featured at
  • Visit where you can add your project to the list of Planq ecosystem projects (click the Submit button).
How can I get my project featured in Leap Wallet, once deployed on Planq?
  • Leap Wallet supports the Planq mainnet from within the in-app Dapp browser (via the injected Web3 provider) and also via Wallet Connect.
  • You can contact the Leap Wallet team to have your Dapp and/or token featured in the Leap Wallet’s mobile Dapp browser. Refer to the documentation for more details.
Are there other ways to advertise my project, products or services to other app developers, investors or partners of the Planq ecosystem?
  • Yes! Please email [email protected] or notify the Planq team by Telegram if you have major product launch announcements, have reached key milestones (number of daily transactions, number of users, trading volume) or have published interesting pieces of content.
  • Consider listing your project on Defillama, Dappradar and on the Alchemy Dapp store (
  • As a rule of thumb, feel free to contact the Planq team via Discord or Telegram for any help or communication to create synergy.
How can I apply for Planq ecosystem grant support?
  • Planq can facilitate access to the Planq Ecosystem Grants program (click on these links for details).
  • Grant program highlights:
    • Target sectors: retail DeFi, Mobile dApps, infrastructure.
    • Simple grants, typically between 10-50 k$ plus marketing and technical support.
    • Subject to the achievement of agreed-upon milestones, usually associated with the volume of on-chain activity on Planq (number of users, number of daily transactions, TVL).
    • Available to early-stage projects, as well as established projects planning to expand to Planq.
How can I become a node operator?
Can Planq help with my token sale or NFT primary sale?
  • As an open-source protocol and decentralized network, Planq will not be able to endorse token sales.
  • You can work with some of the launchpads and media organizations who have built significant audiences within the Planq ecosystem, such as:
    • Token launchpads: Physica finance, QSwap others.
    • NFT launchpads: Physica finance, QSwap others.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the Planq team to obtain contact details.

FAQs - technical

Where can I find developer quick-start resources?
Are there best practices and security standards that apply to Dapps on Planq?
  • The Planq team strongly encourages all development teams to follow the best practices summarized at this link for Planq-specific best practices. You can find more information at this link for more general tips and practices.
  • It will be difficult for the Planq team to engage meaningfully with teams who do not publish their code and do not have their smart contracts verified on Planq EVM Explorer.
I need a commercial node provider because my dApp exceeds the rate limits of the free Planq JSON-RPC endpoints. Who offers this?
Where can I find a list of available developer tools and integration?
Where can ask technical questions to integrate with the Planq chain?
  • You can contact the community support on our Discord server, in the #support channel.
  • Or, if the Planq Dev team already has a joint Telegram group with your team, feel free to reach out to the team in that group. You can also email [email protected].