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What is Planq? Why build on Planq? How to connect?
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What is Planq?

Planq is a leading Ethereum-compatible layer-1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK. At Planq, the vision is to create a global community empowered by our mobile-first decentralized permissionless ecosystem, where financial freedom is accessible and transparent for all, not just the wealthy and fortunate.
Transaction fees are paid in the native token of the Planq Blockchain, $PLQ.

Why build on Planq?

If you are a Web3 application creator, there are 3 main reasons to build on Planq:
  • EVM compatible – Solidity and all the EVM tools just work out of the box.
  • Strategic partnership with Leap Wallet – easy on-ramp to your dApp.
  • Harness the power of the interoperable Cosmos ecosystem with their top of the class IBC-Bridge.
As an application founder/developer on Planq, you can leverage:
  • Wrapped versions of most of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrencies
  • 30+ leading wallets (including Leap Wallet, MetaMask, and Keplr Wallet)
  • Ethermint, a Ethereum Virtual Machine module built by the open-source Cosmos SDK community.
  • IBC cross-chain connectivity to Cosmos chains.
  • Convenient Ethereum developer tools (Solidity, Truffle, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Web3.js, ethers.js, ChainSafe Gaming SDK, etc.).
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