The Planq Mainnet was launched on 17 November 2022.

Planq is the leading EVM-compatible chain built on the Cosmos SDK.

Planq aims to massively scale DeFi and Mobile-accessible dApps by providing developers with the ability to rapidly port dApps from Ethereum and EVM-Compatible chains, while also benefiting from the multi-chain thesis of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Planq is powered by the Planq ($PLQ) cryptocurrency for the payment of transaction fees.


Planq is powered by the open-source project Ethermint, which allows for the rapid porting of smart contracts from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains.

The Inter Blockchain Communications (IBC) protocol enables interoperability and bridging between Planq and other Cosmos chain.

Key features of Planq technology


Application developers can use Solidity, the leading EVM-compatible language for smart contracts, as well as the broad range of Ethereum developer tools and open-source libraries.


The Tendermint consensus is robust, fast and cheap. The Planq validator node ecosystem is carbon neutral, owing to low energy consumption which is further offset by the purchase of carbon credits.


Planq is EVM-compatible and interoperable with other Cosmos chains.

IBC is a protocol that allows blockchains to communicate with each other, interoperate and transfer value, interchange assets and services, and connect without running into the scaling issues inherent in some of the largest blockchains today.


The Planq protocol engineering team contributes actively to open-source projects of the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystem.

Through its strategic partnership with Leap Wallet, a leading custodial crypto platform, Planq can leverage easy on-ramp and access for an addressable user community of more than 70 million users worldwide.

Ecosystem support

Planq supports the growth of the Planq developer ecosystem through various programs.

The Planq Ecosystem Grants program aims to support early-stage projects on Planq by bootstrapping initial product development and providing technical support. Please visit the Planq grants page and Planq's Medium page for more details.

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