Planq Docs

Leap Wallet

In this guide, you will learn how to set up the Leap wallet to interact with the Planq network.
Step 1: Download Leap Wallet
Download leap wallet here.
Click on ''Add to Brave''. if you are using a different browser it will say add to Chrome, for example.
You can now choose to import an existing wallet, but for this example, we assume you create a new wallet.
Step 2: Create the wallet
Follow the steps of creating a leap wallet to the end. Don't forget to save or write down your Secret Recovery Phrase somewhere safe. After that you should be met with the following screen:
Step 3: get to know Leap
You now have the Leap browser extension installed. Planq is natively integrated so there is no need to connect or add the network.
Leap also offers a dashboard where you can easily interact with Planq.