The Planq blockchain protocol is an open-source project based on:

  • Ethermint, an open-source Cosmos application module that allows the portability of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), its go-ethereum client, and its solidity-based smart contracts to the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Cosmos SDK, the leading development framework to build interoperable sovereign blockchains.

  • Tendermint’s Core BFT Proof-of-Stake consensus engine, a scalable and energy-efficient blockchain consensus.

The open-source Planq blockchain protocol is fast, cheap, and energy-efficient.

Going forward, Planq aims to leverage the best of what the Ethereum/EVM and Cosmos ecosystems both have to offer for end-users and developers.

Open-source project

Please visit the GitHub repository to contribute to the Planq blockchain protocol.


The Planq consensus is commonly referred to as a proof-of-stake (POS) consensus.

Please refer to the Planq repository for details.

Tendermint was selected by Planq as the underlying technology for several reasons:

  • Backed by formal research

  • Robustly tested implementation

  • Strong track record: Tendermint has been in continuous development since 2014, and has been adopted by several high-profile projects

  • Modular architecture: It offers flexibility regarding which applications are developed on top of it, and how they are developed.

Further reading

Follow this link for more information about the Planq chain protocol.

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