IBC (Planq Chain, other Cosmos chains)


The Planq Bridge’s goal is to support the seamless transfer of assets between blockchains to foster interoperability and for users to enjoy the best DApps and earnings no matter the chain.

The Deltaswap Bridge can be found at https://swap.deltaswap.io.

Planq Bridge is a fully decentralised protocol built on the open-source projects of IBC.

Please read this guide and review the project documentation carefully as misuse may cause the incorrect transfer or even loss of assets. We recommend transferring a small amount first to get yourself acquainted with the Bridge before moving over significant amounts.

Currently supported networks:

  • BSC <=> Planq;

  • Cosmos <=> Planq;

  • Osmosis <=> Planq;

  • Kujira<=> Planq

Current supported tokens:

  • PLQ;

  • WBNB;

Current supported wallets:

  • Metamask, Keplr, Leap Wallet

We are constantly working on adding new tokens and blockchains. If you have any feedback or concerns, please reach out to us at

Via Deltaswap Bridge

The Deltaswap Bridge can be found at https://swap.deltaswap.io.

Deltaswapp WebApp (BSC, other EVM Chains)

Via Leap Wallet

Leap Wallet has integrated with Planq Bridge and provided a front-end UI to allow all users to seamlessly transfer assets over to Planq straight from the app.

Please visit the Leap Wallet page for details.

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